What’s Your Price Point?

I don’t like to count calories or keep a food diary anymore, but I do find it helpful to think of my calories as money that I want to spend wisely. If my jeans are getting snug, I may put myself on a tight calorie budget. If I’m running a lot, I might be able to spend more freely. If I’m celebrating a special occasion, I may go on a shopping spree! Thinking of calories this way also helps me decide whether something is “worth it.”

Would you spend 100 calories for one of these brownies?

(VitaBrownie = 100 calories)

Would you spend 200 calories on these brownies?

(Pillsbury Sweet Moments Cocoa Fudge Escape = 180 calories)

Would you spend 400 calories for this brownie?

(Starbucks Double Chocolate Brownie = 410 calories)

Would you spend 500 calories for one of these brownies?

Boston Market brownie = 470 calories

You had better find some friends to chip in on these brownies!

Bob Evans Peanut Butter Brownie Bites = 1024 calories

What brownies do you think are worth budgeting for?

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9 Responses to What’s Your Price Point?

  1. Miz says:

    for me the pricepoints are all too high. Im a salty gurl.

  2. Janice - The Fitness says:

    None because for me there's always hidden fees with these purchases – 1 brownie, no matter what the initial cost, usually means I'll buy like 3 more that same day, or something else equally as tasty :). I've recognised myself as a sugar addict so I no longer buy it.

    • Coco says:

      Good for you, Janice. I do keep a lot less snack food in the house these days. I finally realized that I was eating all the stiff I was buying "for the kids."

  3. Barbara Davis says:

    I can't eat gluten but I would definitely go for the most expensive brownies. I'd savor a few bites and scrimp for a few days to pay the debt. 🙂

  4. goodfairyofny says:

    I love those crazy little debbie brownies! But they aren't worth it. None for me, thanks. 😉

  5. Kate says:

    FiberOne brownies are awesome and only 90 calories!

  6. Beth says:

    Hmmmm – I try to spend my $$ on very delicious sweets and savor – My fav bought brownies are Marvelous Market and Baked & Wired brownies – likely in the 500 cal range – rare indulgence, but so rich I might be able to eat half now and half tomorrow :-). Never had a SB brownie – are they good? 🙂

    Great lo-cal chocolate brownie fix is a chocolate Z-bar by Clif (~120 cal) – delicious! I think you told me about those long ago….

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