A Breath Of Fresh Air

One reason I write a “healthy living” blog is to counterbalance my generally unhealthy life. My job as an attorney is very stressful and very sedentary and demands long hours of sitting inside at my computer. (I was very distressed to learn that my regular exercise routine may not be enough to make up for the hours I spend on my a$$ every day!)

Lately I’ve been travelling more than usual, and that means that I need to catch up on work on the weekend–spending even more hours inside at my computer, although at least I can enjoy the view out my kitchen window.

After working non-stop on Saturday, I’d had enough. Even though my work “to do” list was not fully checked off, I decided to take Sunday “off” to go to my son’s lacrosse team tournament.

Now, if my son were going to be playing, I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending the day in the bleachers , but he is recovering from an injury and completely sidelined. Still, as a senior, he has been “coaching” the team during off-season practice, and planned to go to the tournament, even though the first game was at 8:00 am and an hour away. (I really do admire his dedication!)

I knew that if I didn’t go, I would spend the day inside staring at my computer screen, so I set my alarm for 5:00 to go to a lacrosse tournament my son wasn’t even playing in.

Between the time in the car with my son, the time in the bleachers with my other lacrosse-Mom friends, and the glorious fall weather, it was totally worth whatever repercussions I will face at work tomorrow!

How do you balance your own “screen” time and “fresh air” time?

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3 Responses to A Breath Of Fresh Air

  1. FindingMyHappyPace says:

    You gotta count walking from the car to the bleachers as activity!

  2. LOVE that you got out – despite your "other" obligations.
    it is so important, yet so easy to forget.
    my list will never be done.
    and my first obligation is to me.
    when I get it all figured out, i'll let you know LOL

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