Skirting Hills

I had great plans for a kick-ass run today–I even spent some time on plotting out a 4 mile route with more hills than my usual neighborhood route. I also was excited to try out my new Nike running skirt.

Womens Nike Woven Skirt Fitness Skirts

After I checked the weather I was a bit worried:

Right Now in Alexandria, VA

It’s 67°F, Clear

Weather data from :

That’s 10 degrees warmer than it was last week! But, since I am training for the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon in June, when it surely will be warmer than 67°F, I couldn’t wimp out.

I put on my running skirt and snapped a few picture for some Twitter friends who had asked about this whole “running skirt thing.”


(Please excuse my poor iPhone photography skills!)

The skirt has a built-in set of light compression shorts, a draw-string at the waist, and a little key pocket. The waistline is lower than my usual compression shorts, and I liked not having that pressure on my stomach. I will admit that I have not fully outgrown my mini-skirt phase, and I did feel cute in the skirt. 😉

So, on to the hills.

Duration 0:41:05 | Calories Burned 526
Average Pace 10:13 / mi | Average Speed 5.87 mph | Elevation Climb 265 ft
  • Mile 1 = 11:21. This mile ends at the top of a very steep hill (there’s a 100 ft climb over 1/2 mile, but the last 1/4 mile is the steepest), so I wasn’t too surprised at that pace.
  • Mile 2 = 9:26. This mile is mostly down hill or flat.
  • Mile 3 = 10:17. This mile is all uphill, a steady climb of 150 ft.
  • Mile 4 = 9:47. The last 3/4 of this mile is down hill.

My pace was so much slower than it has been lately, but when I break it down mile by mile and note where the hills were (thanks to the nifty RunKeeper data!), it’s easy to see why my mile splits were so different.

I felt like my run was “off” from the start. I don’t know if it was the heat, the humidity, or the hills, but I need to get used to all three! One thing that threw me off was starting off with a 1/2 mile down hill, so I think the next time I do this route, I will warm up with a few laps on the track.

The best news is that no body parts were hurt during this run!

Do you have a running skirt?

What is your perfect running temperature?

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8 Responses to Skirting Hills

  1. Vicki says:

    Yes, I have a running skirt, more than one. My perfect temp is 42-45, warm enough to be 100% comfy, but cool enough so I can wear light pants. In the summertime I still would love a cool 55-60 but that is hard to find. In the summer it really depends on humidity. I will take a dry 70 over a humid 60.

  2. Sheri says:

    Yes, I have 2 running skorts and I love them!!! They both feel great and no riding up, gotta love that. My favorite weather is 30-40 degrees to run in it is getting way too hot and it isn't out of the 60's yet. Ugh! Last night I ran it was 67 and I was really feeling it. I do believe we will get use to it over time, I hope.

  3. I look forward to trying a running skirt someday! I've looked but haven't found any in plus sizes (I'm still there, but not for long!). I'd LOVE to run in a skort or a tutu for a race; I think that will be a reward for 50 lbs lost 🙂

  4. David H. says:

    The humidity slapped me around today. These up and down temperatures this month, coupled with it feeling like summer time right now makes it hard. Nice job battling the elements though!

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