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Running Rules I Always Break

In most areas of my life I’m a rule follower. I get to the airport two hours early, even if it usually means spending 90 minutes at the gate. I don’t try to sneak 11 items into the 10-items-or-less express … Continue reading

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Banana Twinkies Bread Pudding

We interrupt this healthy living blog to bring you Banana Twinkies Bread Pudding from The Twinkies Cookbook. Yes, this is a real thing, and yes, I bought a box of Twinkies® and made this recipe! I joined Blogging for Books and … Continue reading

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Activity Tracker Comparisons — Garmin Vivosmart vs Jawbone UP

After I lost my Garmin Vivosmart a few weeks ago, I dug out my old Jawbone UP and started using that to remind me to MOVE during the work day. When my husband found my Vivosmart (yay!) I decided to … Continue reading

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Favorite Beverages Summertime Or Anytime

Today’s Friday Five topic is Favorite Summer Drinks,  but my favorite beverages don’t really change with the seasons. You can find me enjoying these five drinks almost any day of the year.  1. Water. My most favorite thing to drink is … Continue reading

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Tomato Tart With Fresh Herbs

My little tomato plants aren’t getting enough sun to yield any ripe tomatoes, but luckily my Mom and my neighbor have bountiful crops and are sharing. I love to make gazpacho (see my favorite recipes here and here) but my husband … Continue reading

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