Hard Is Where It Happens

I was reminded in physical therapy that if your muscles don’t get tired, they won’t get stronger. But there is a difference between working out until you are tired and then crying “uncle,” and pushing through that tired and getting stronger.

I workout at home, so I don’t have a fitness instructor or personal trainer to motivate me to keep going. With all my physical therapy exercises, I haven’t even been able to use my Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD, and have him yell at me through my television. I have to find it in myself to feel the burn and not back away from it.

Feel The Burn

When the going gets tough, I often think of Josie (@YumYucky.com). She is the epitome of badass. She approaches her workouts with a take no prisoners attitude. (20 minutes of burpees? My legs won’t even let me think about that!) I know that Josie doesn’t back down from a tough workout, so I think of her smiling face and her strong muscles and keep going.

Recently, I’ve been using this mantra to talk myself through those last few reps:

hard is where it happens

It came to mind again as I was watching the Olympic women’s marathon. For the last few miles, the lead women were running steadily along. They looked focused, but somehow relaxed–they were still pacing themselves. But when Tiki Galana made her break, the effort showed in her face.


She was working hard, and she made it happen.

How do you push yourself through a tough workout?

Do you have a mantra that keeps you going?

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17 Responses to Hard Is Where It Happens

  1. MizFit says:

    mine is so so simple.
    but works. in life and fitness.


  2. Yum Yucky says:

    So glad to hear you're doing Pure Burn. Bob knows just how to push us, doesn't he? I do a lot of self-talk and yelling at myself during workouts. Like, "C'mon Josie! Finish this!" … or, "You're almost there. Don't quit now. PUSH!". The women's marathon race was amazing. I was so inspired. Those women showed the grit and digging deep that's required for achievement.

  3. Love it MizFit! I think hers is becoming my new mantra! I always have to remember who and what I'm doing this for…for me and my healthy future.

  4. SuperBabe says:

    Ummh… burpees. My brother was talking all about them when he was visiting… I had not heard about them before, but I think I'll give them a try soon. I'm hoping to get some sort of "strength" routine started (right now I only do cardio)… but based on that video I think I'll focus on the entry level ones, lol!!!

    My mantra changes depending on what I'm doing… if it's a race, it's usually a very "beat me down" type-thing where I remind myself constantly that I trained for something and I can do much better than that… if it's just a regular workout I have a harder time sometimes… and usually my motivation is just the idea of being fit and looking awesome. I know… lame, but sometimes it works!

  5. Marcia says:

    When the going gets tough i do some reverse psychology and tell myself how I'm killing it, how great I am, etc. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy!

  6. Laura says:

    You're so right- sometimes it's easy to quit before I feel the burn when I'm at home doing it on my own, but it really doesn't make me any stronger. The last few months I've been pushing myself more and finally feel like I"m actually getting somewhere in terms of strength!

  7. My legs can't imagine 20 min of burpees either!

    Love the quote! I just pinned it!

  8. steena says:

    This is the hardest part of it all I think. Hard enough, not enough? It always seems that the day after a race I think "Oh I could have pushed harder"
    I have several different go-to mantras, but I may think of this post during my race on Saturday!

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