Need For Speed

Just because I did not enjoy my 6.5 mile treadmill run this weekend does not mean that I was not looking forward to doing some sort of speed workout on my treadmill today. I do love my treadmill for interval workouts–speed or hills, but speed is my favorite.

I am still being cautious with my intervals. My ITB seems to be doing well, and improving my race time isn’t worth the risk of not being able to run (let alone race) at all.

Over the past few months, my “base pace” on the treadmill has gone from 5.7 mph to 6.0 mph (10:00 min/mile), while my “natural” pace when running outside seems to be in the 9:40 min/mile range. I’ve noticed recently that I can hold a 6.5 mph pace on the treadmill for two minutes without feeling like I am working hard, so I decided to switch up my speed workout today. Instead of doing 2/1 intervals (2 min fast, 1 min recovery), I went for 3/1 intervals. Here is what it looked like:

0-5 min: walking 3.7 mph, 1.5 incline
5-10 min: running 5.7 mph, 0.5 incline

Workout (all at 0.5 incline)
10-13 min: 6.3 mph
13-14 min: 6.0 mph
14-17 min: 6.3 mph
17-18 min: 6.0 mph
18-21 min: 6.5 mph
21-22 min: 6.0 mph
22-25 min: 6.5 mph
25-26 min: 6.0 mph
26-29 min: 6.7 mph
29-30 min: 6.0 mph
30-33 min: 6.7 mph
33-34 min: 6.0 mph
34-37 min: 7.1 mph
37-38 min: 6.0 mph
38-41 min: 7.1 mph
41-43 min: 6.0 mph
43-45 min: 5.7 mph

Well, that was the plan. But as I grabbed the remote control to fast forward through some commercials (I am finally catching up on Private Practice, which I haven’t watched since October–shh!), I snagged the emergency stop cord around minute 33. Argh! I have had this treadmill for over 10 years and never snagged that cord, but now I’ve done it twice in one week! (I think it’s time to tape it down!) I reset my treadmill for 15 minutes, started back at the beginning of that 6.7 mph interval (at minute 30 of my program) and finished it out.

This was a really good workout. The speed felt challenging, but didn’t get the attention of my ITB or any other body parts. It definitely got my sweat on! Speaking of which, one of the first places that I notice a drop of sweat is on my elbow. Maybe it is catching a drop from my hair?

Do you have a favorite speed program for the treadmill?

Have you ever accidentally hit the emergency stop on a treadmill?

Were you able to finish out your workout?

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3 Responses to Need For Speed

  1. I hate that emergency stop thing. I've done that several times and hate losing my distance and time on the treadmill. Bummer.

    Awesome workout. Thanks for the comments on my blog today, too. "We have to run our own race" is fantastic advice.

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